Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A weekend getaway

This past weekend we went to one of my favorite spots on the planet, Lake Barkley. About 3.5 hours down the Western Kentucky Parkway you'll find an outdoor paradise. The general area is known as Land Between the Lakes, which is comprised of two lakes - Lake Barkley which is 57,920 acres and Kentucky Lake which boasts the longest shore line of any man made lake in the world. The 170,000 acre area in between the lakes is managed by the USDA and offers tons of outdoor activities. You can read more about the area here.We went so the boys (husband and son) could ride dirt bikes on the 100 miles of trails at Turkey Bay.

It was pretty grey and gloomy and managed to rain every day we were there, but I didn't care. I come to relax and read and I can do that with or without sun.

These are shots from the balcony of our room at the lodge. You'll notice here the lake is at low stage for the winter.

Here's what the rooms look like inside (photo from ky.gov).

We could see the Marina from our room. All the houseboats are tucked away for winter time.

Today I'm joining Outdoor Wednesday. I'll post more about our trip through out the week.

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  1. Sounds like despite the weather, you had a fantastic time. Looks like a great place for a weekend retreat.

    ~ Tracy