Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hogs and Kisses Valentine Grandson Date Night

When it's Valentines Day but you
have all grandsons, the usual
pink lace hearts and floral cards won't due
so it's the year of pig & I knew they boys
would be in hog heaven with this table!
 As usual I used all paper for this setting,
keeping it simple and easy for cleanup.
A red and white check runner was used for 
the base of the tablescape.
 Then I layered pink dinner plates and heart napkins.
For the napkins I used a traditional fold on the plate
and then a diagonal fold underneath.
 Sweet little white, pink and red heart
embroidered pigs are scattered around the table.
 Normally I don't use floral centerpieces 
for the boys tables, but I took the liberty
since it is Valentine's Day.
I thought the roses matched the napkins and
pigs in color and theme quite well!
 A final few fun touches I couldn't resist.
"Splat" pig balls and pig noses will sure
add some fun the our dinner!
 These splat balls are rather sticky and
rolled around but I'm sure if you
are a young man it's going to be the 
first thing they pick up!
 Followed second by the pig noses.
Not really liking the look of them, but
it will be fun sure on date night!
 No glasses on the table yet
mostly because we always use mini cans or bottles
for the boys and let them pick what they want to drink.
 How are you spending your Valentine's weekend? 
I hope you are celebrating with family & friends.
Here are the sources for the table:
Paper runner, plates and napkins from 
Beeutiful by Design
11720 Old Shelbyville Rd Louisville KY
Embroidered pigs, splat balls and noses from