Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Porches

I was out at lunchtime on Friday and took a few
pictures of porches decorated for fall.
 This house is beautiful, the porch doesn't disappoint either!
 I like the way the put the pumpkins inside the urns
with the greenery still in there~clever!
 This community of homes is known for their
houses built with porches so it's a great
place for inspiration.
 Each home had a different take on
fall with wreaths, pumpkins and mums.
 This one had the most wonderful
hydrangea bushes overflowing.
 A few scarecrows were seen with the mix of mums.

I got our porch decorated yesterday and Mr. B 
planted the mums.  Then it rained today so no pictures to share until
later this week!  
~Hope you are settling into the fall season~
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Urning for Fall

Since the warm weather has lingered on, we have been reluctant to make any changes to our landscaping outside as of yet.
I am however, looking for an inspiration for my urn
in the front of the house as you walk up to our front door.
Normally we plant a mum in there and call it a day,
but this year I wanted to try to reach a little higher
in my design.
I found the following pictures
online at Better Home & Gardens:

 The traditional pumpkin topiary
 The pumpkin & gourd filled urn
 The pot~pourri of fall, which looks to complicated
for my skill set!
 This pumpkin topiary had the house numbers,
which was a cute idea!
And finally the mix of fall annuals.
I'm not sure what I'll decide,
but will keep you posted!
Hope this has provided a little urn inspiration for you :)
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall on the Porch

Now that fall is officially here,
I set a goal for myself to transform the porch
before I began another round of classes.
 This is the first year I've decorated the porch since we did
the floor in black and white last year.
 I found that the black & white with red accents
was a challenge for me to mix with autumnal colors.
 I used alot of golds and reds to mix
with black and silver here on the buffet.
 Mercury glass accents along with vintage 
glasses and fire king dishes.
 The leaves scattered about are 
faux since we've not hardly any
color on our trees yet, just a few peeks of yellow.
 I have loved the mercury globes during the summer
they light up at night, so I wanted to 
incorporate them into the last days enjoying the porch.
 These vintage mid-century coin glasses
are a peak into my tablescape for this week.
Hope you are enjoying early fall!
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three Fall Tables

 One Kings Lane is featuring 3 fall tabletops today.
The first is casual with plaids and pops of color.

 The second is rustic with elements of wine country.
 The final is elegant with gold and white accents.
Which is your favorite? 
I think mine is the elegant table.
You can check them all out on their website.
I'm not getting compensated, just
love looking at lots of tablescapes! :)
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Butterfly Buffet

Recently I posted my fall butterfly table here
 I also set the buffet for dessert service.
 Orange carnival glass teacups match the cake plate and server nicely.
 I added in a few mercury glass pumpkins and a garland.
 Along with my Spode cream and sugar set.

It's beginning to look like fall in the dining room!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Butterfly Migration Inspiration

Recently Mary at Home is Where the Boat Is 
posted about the butterfly migration
which inspired/reminded me of a set of plates and serving platter 
I had that was a 
colorful display of butterfly's. 
 Each plate has a navy band of accent
so I paired them with my Spode blue dinner plates.
 Vintage napkins are beautifully embroidered
and hem stitched with blue accent thread.
 Each plate in the set has a different 
background color, but the butterflies
are all the same.
 In addition I used these charming butterfly
cloches in the center of each plates.

Thank you Mary for inspiring me to 
put together this table!
I will share the buffet with the
serving platter & fall decor on the next post.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Lunch on the Porch

Welcome out onto the porch today
for an early fall lunch.
I mixed a combination of yellows and reds together
for a cheery celebration.
 In Kentucky fall starts off
golden then turns
to hues of oranges and reds.

 I used a place setting of my 
maternal grandmothers china, 
which is roses with a platinum border.
 Then added as a centerpiece this
beautiful golden yellow 
antique compote filled with apples and pears.
 New meets old with the stemware~
a new sunburst pattern yellow goblet
paired with an antique red ruby goblet.
 I was so pleasantly surprised that the
Waverly placemat matched
the Dollar Tree napkins perfectly!
 Hand beaded napkin rings in colors
of orange, red and lime green finish it off nicely.
 I feel like we have only a few more weeks
of enjoyment on the porch
before Jack Frost appears in October!
 Remember that flatware set I found on clearance
at Walgreens~here it is again matching the 
silver banding of the plates.
 I don't know if you can tell but I 
snuck a ruby glass saucer under
the bowls of the setting
to break up the patterns a bit.
 Here's a better shot of the compote
I get so much mileage out of this
filling it with everything from pumpkins
to Easter eggs.
 The bee sugar and creamer were purchased
separately on eBay.
The shading is different but the pattern is the same
the were give aways from an Orange Juice
company in Florida in the 1940's I believe.

I hope you enjoyed visiting the porch!
Miss B and I returned late last night
from our vacation and I can't wait to
share all of the neat stores we visited
along the way in upcoming posts!

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