Thursday, July 25, 2019

Shark Week Grandson Date Night

Welcome to my Grandsons Date Night
Shark Week theme table!
Do you celebrate Shark Week at your house?
I thought it was a perfect theme
for Grandson Date Night.
 I was a little at a loss for what to feature.
I knew I wanted paper items because Date Night
with the Grandsons is always a week night, 
which means I have worked a nine hour day
and clean up must be easy.
 I used a silver and white stripe paper runner
and centered some grocery store flowers 
then sprinkled in some shark week toys
we could also use in the pool that night.
 Paper aqua blue dinner plates and 
buffalo plaid napkins matched the shark suckers I found
online here.
 I also purchased some shark
pool diving sticks and placed them
down the center too.
You can find those here.
 Finally I used a bath toy mama shark
with her three little baby sharks next to
where our youngest grandson sits.
I like him to have things
he can play with off the table during dinner
to entertain him while we are
heating up or cleaning up!
You can buy that online here.
 Final table touches were the paper buffalo plaid
cups I have had for ages
& our everyday flatware.
 Here is a close up picture of the shark suckers
and diving sticks.
Check out the video of this table on my
Facebook and Instagram Page.
Hope you celebrate in some way this weekend!