Monday, May 26, 2014

Visit to Lucketts!

I have always wanted to visit Luckett's in Leesburg, VA
given that it is only 30 miles outside Washington DC
a place I travel to regularly for work.
I planned this year to travel on the weekend and
attend the Sunday day of the show.

Sometimes you build these things up
in your mind of what a wonderful day
it will be if you ever get to go to this place or that event
(well at least I do)
and sometimes the anticipation does not equal the reality once you arrive!
This was not the case for Lucketts
 ~I was not disappointed in my visit!  
Having been a Main Street Manager
I understand how much work goes into
planning these events,
particularly outside events.
Mother Nature can not be a team player sometimes,
but after over five inches of rain Friday,
Sunday was a perfect day!
The booths were plentiful in number of vendors
and well stocked offerings,
keep in mind this was 3 o'clock on the last day of the event.
Sometimes you attend these events and 
there are only a few booths that you like
the rest are either not your taste or
are dissimilar inventory.
Lucketts was chocked full of goodness!
All the vendors were friendly and
customers were not just browsing
but buying too, which as a former vendor
I understand is just as or more important~
you want a well attended event, but sales
need to be high to retain vendors.
We did not have time to go into the Lucketts store
or Design House, crowds were still heavy
and I am limited in the amount of walking I can do.
Parking was in the adjacent field(s) to the fair.
I am not someone that can walk more than a few blocks
and I had no problems parking and walking to the fair.
When we arrived in the tiny town of Leesburg, the traffic
was backed up for about a mile on the 2 lane
highway that runs in front of the store.
I was concerned the whole parking, walking thing
was going to not work out, but it was no problem once
we made it thru traffic and parked.
I was so happy to see Miss Mustard Seed's booth!
I regularly read her blog, even during these years I have
been attending school fulltime while working fulltime,
she was my coffee break reading.
I had wanted to get a signed copy of her book, but she was not at the booth when we found it.
Then I saw her walking around and pointed her out to my husband.
I am a shy person so I was going to just leave, but my husband is not shy at all
and actually started following her to get her attention!
She was heading back to her booth momentarily so he waited for her to
return and got my signed copy!  I have several of her booth pictures here at the 
end of this post beginning with the blue dresser.  It was wonderfully setup and styled!
I also learned that her parents lived in our hometown for awhile
and her Mom actually went to college where my daughter and I went!

I had to head back to the car to rest but my husband got
my book signed and I was so pleased!

One note on the event, as a person with an auto immune disease,
the walking distance is important, but also the restroom
situation is probably more important.
Luckett's only had port a potty's and washing stations.
This would not work for me if I was feeling sick,
however, about five minutes away there was a nice
restroom in a gas station (yes really) if you turned right out 
onto the state highway.  If you turn left and drive for
about 15 minutes you are by lots of fast food, gas stations, etc.