Friday, March 19, 2010

Patti's 1880's Settlement

As I mentioned earlier this week, last weekend we went down to Western KY for a short weekend get away. One of the requirements of being in WKY is a trip to Patti's in Grand Rivers, KY. We discovered Patti's about 12 years ago (I remember b/c my son had a pacifier then, which as you Mom's know is a way to bench mark trips, events, etc.) The kids loved it and we still do every time we visit. The service is always friendly, prompt and excellent. They do a great job of training the staff.

One of their trademarks is dessert, including this mile-high meringue pie.

A kid favorite is this friendly gentleman found in one of the doors marked "bathroom". My son Ben insisted we take a photo of him for this post.

Another trademark of Patti's is their incredible sauce and seasonings. My husband was picking out a few to bring home to grill with this summer.

Flower pot bread can be found at the gift shop to take home and bake, but it's also served at the table with every meal.

Here's a picture of our flower pot bread and salads. The bread is served with a great strawberry butter as well as traditional butter - yummy!

The restaurant is decorated in lots of flowers, twinkle lights and artwork. I tried to get a few shots of the flowers and decorations on the walls, but it was getting dark so they did not come out as clearly as I wanted.

This is the light over our table.

Mr. Rabbit greeted us at the front door of Patti's - isn't he cute! In addition to the restaurant, there are lots of shops, a playground and additional activities available to do before or after you eat.

Go to their website to find out more information or get directions.
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  1. This looks like a fun, foodie trip. I love the mile-high meringue pie and the mixes. Your flowers are SO pretty. This year, I'm determined to have more than knock out roses, which are not easy to cut and arrange without making the bush look lopsided. Thank you for linking up to Foodie Friday and I hope to see you again soon!