Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular

Things are spooktacular here at the shop.
All Halloween is 50% off!

I thought I would share a few pictures
of what we have to offer for your
Halloween decor this year.

Love these vintage looking boxes!

A plate of sparkle skull heads :)

The spider chip and dip is a favorite -
his tummy is the dip bowl.

I did a little Halloween tree with sucker covers,
Halloween words and spider ornaments.

Several Mary Lake Thompson towels have
already been grabbed up - but there are a few left.

These mixing bowls on spider stands are adorable ~
just right for candy or other treats.
Are you ready for Tricks and Treats?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Man Cave

It seems so long since we've last talked! I've been busy with the store, starting back to work full time and the general chaos of life.

I'm glad to see you visit today :)
We're under construction in the garage.
I hate construction but love the results.

We have a two car garage on one side and then on the other is a 2nd kitchen the previous owners built for the wife's canning and gardening.
I know dreamy right? I pictured myself hosting parties and using
this as the catering kitchen, gardening and making fabulous
flower arrangements, etc.

But, it was not to be, those parties never happened and my gardening
has been pretty limited since we moved here seven years ago.

You can see what has sprouted in here though - a few dirt bikes -

Lots of tools - a guy fridge full of drinks -

Ladders, tents, camping equipment, etc.

Do you smell testosterone?

And so it was goodbye June Cleaver kitchen

oven - we will never meet again!

Even though your "dashboard" looks like a retro dream.

And your coca-cola sink was super keen.

Sink not so much.

This is what is laying in my driveway now, a pile
of Martha Stewart dreams gave way to a man cave nightmare.

Oh here's another resident of the new man cave.

Do you see a blue theme running here?
hope you will too!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Williams Sonoma Home

While up visiting Miss B recently,

we went to the Williams Sonoma Home store.

They had so many nice vignettes setup in the store.

Tons of blue and white!

Love the blue and white. It makes me want to

re-do my living room book cases back to blue and white again.

Most of the store still seemed styled for summer time.

Here's Miss B posing in front of the lamp selection.

Sunflowers with blue & white - yummy!

I took this photo b/c I liked the lighting inside the bookcases.

A nice color combo of coral, white and brown.

A wall vignette of mirrors, clocks and prints.

Just a touch of fall on the front table.

I'll be quiet while you visit more blue and white around the store.

We had a great time browsing the store and I hope you did too!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rabbit Hash, KY

On day 2 of my visit with Miss B we were ready to venture out
beyond malls and shopping centers.
Rabbit Hash, KY was out destination.
Located about 1/2 hour from Covington, Rabbit Hash, KY
is famous for having a dog mayor.
Visit their charming website to read more here.
Off the interstate, most of the drive looks like this,
country roads winding up and down for miles.

Past fields recently harvested.
Small country churches

Rolling hills of farm after farm.

It was a beautiful day for a drive in the country. They weren't kidding when they said this was right
on the Ohio River. This is a picture from
our car maybe 30 feet from the waters edge.
When you think you are almost to nowhere,
you've made it! Now don't blink -

because you'll miss it! Here is Rabbit Hash's General Store.
An apparent favorite this day of the Harley crowd.
It was a great drive and even better chance to visit, but
this would not be a day trip worthy adventure, unless you wanted
a really cool place to visit and a really, really nice there.
I'm joining Outdoor Wednesday today.