Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gifts of Devotion (or Dedication)

A few years after my husband and I married he asked me to make a list of presents that I wanted. I jotted down several things, from not so expensive to expensive, a kind of "wish list" of sorts. Then over the years for Christmas or an Anniversary or even a just because he loved me - he would give me something off the list.

After he filled all the wishes on the first list, which was I guess about 10 years after we'd been married, he asked me to prepare another list. Well, we were blessed to be better off financially then so my "wish list" grew to a few more expensive items. The tea set below was one of the last things on this list.

This was given to me as an anniversary present this year for our 19th anniversary.

I was particularly impressed because I had simply listed "silver tea service". No details or number of pieces or anything.

You have to understand, Mr. B is a Marine, musclecar and motorcycle kind of man. Silver tea service is a pretty foreign concept to him.

But he did a great job and I was thrilled with his purchase.

I called this post gifts of devotion or dedication because I know that the they are given out of devotion for me, but really a marriage is dedication. I feel that the gifts are good example of that dedication. A marriage or any relationship doesn't grow without some dedication.

I would say we are as devoted to each other now as the day we were married, probably more so because I was a silly girl of 20 when I got married.

My tea service is one of my favorite things. I display it in our living room.

I love the detailed rope design

and the engraving and scroll work on the tray.

By the way Miss Madison was also a devotion gift, which maybe an understatement!

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  1. Love your tea set ~ what a great anniversary present! Stop by my place and check out my tea cart! ~Marcy

  2. Oh, he did do a great job! That tea set is gorgeous!! Love the detail on it. It looks like rope. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful silver service! What a clever man you married. I think making a wish list is a good idea. No complaints though here at HFTS. My husband is the best at giving thoughtful gifts. I'm spoiled!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely silver.

  4. What a pretty gift! Miss Madison is not to bad either. :D Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a gorgeous silver tea service and I LOVE the story behind it with your wish list and anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

    Hugs, Lana

  6. It's a beautiful service! And what a wonderful hubby!! Happy belated anniversary!

  7. Oh! It is beautiful! I don't think my husband could keep up with a list for 10 years! What a wonderful and generous idea for him to keep your list and give you things you really want, but since you never know what he'll pick from the list, you're still surprised! Thank you for linking this post to Favorite Things. laurie

  8. A beautiful gift and one of many I suspect!

  9. Lovely tea service, lucky you!
    Too bad about the weather for the Derby..what a shame!

  10. Your silver tea set is beautiful! And your husband sounds like a sweetheart!

  11. what a wonderfully thoughtful hubby...I hope you gave him extra hugs & kisses for that one!
    Thanks for the info on the rose garland. I didn't know any of that.
    We've been to the KDerby once. Had a GREAT time & would love to go again someday. Its on my bucket list. LOL