Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dining Room Dreaming

Recently I received an email from Horchow advertising the lovely dining room sets below on sale. While most of us consider a dining room suite a once in a lifetime purchase, it's still fun to "window shop" at the sets below. One thing I found interesting is to also look at the way they have stylized the dining rooms themselves. Many of these accessories could be purchased to update our own dining rooms. For example changing the pictures on your walls or changing the paint color itself. This blue set is my favorite, not sure if I like the bench, but I love the blue!
I think I like these windows better than I like the set itself.

A cozy corner set.

Did you notice the one thing all these pictures had in common? There was plant life (plants, fruits or flowers) in every dining room.
That is one tip I'm taking from these photos for my own dining room.
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  1. Great inspiration photos! Thank you for sharing them. They're all wonderful light-filled spaces. The next-to-last image makes me long for a fireplace in the dining room! Number 2 is probably the one I'd most like to inhabit. Thanks again!