Sunday, September 13, 2009

Living an Organized Life IV Part I

Last Monday I took off being organized -since it was a holiday and all - why organize when you can read a great book instead? It's back to work this weekend & since it was great weather, I asked Mr. B (who never needs convincing to organize) to help me clean the back porch on the upstairs of our house. Here you can see the trees have fallen over and the ferns are failing! We buy six ferns every year the weekend of Mothers Day. They do really well in the shade of the porch up until late summer.

This is off our master bedroom & is where we sit to catch up, listen to music and read in the evenings. Yes, that is a Christmas pillow on Mr. B's chair because he insists it's the only pillow that helps his back when he sits there.

Stuff that has gathered over the spring and summer.

This is outside the dining room entry way to the porch. Here you see my fountain I got for mothers day, which I adore. The ferns look pretty good in this picture, but really went down hill the past few days so I pitched them. Also you can see the table where we enjoy dining al fresco for dinner and breakfast many times during the warm weather.

These pictures are (the before) show some well worn summer usage~ it needed a spruce up for fall!

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