Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Urning for Fall

Since the warm weather has lingered on, we have been reluctant to make any changes to our landscaping outside as of yet.
I am however, looking for an inspiration for my urn
in the front of the house as you walk up to our front door.
Normally we plant a mum in there and call it a day,
but this year I wanted to try to reach a little higher
in my design.
I found the following pictures
online at Better Home & Gardens:

 The traditional pumpkin topiary
 The pumpkin & gourd filled urn
 The pot~pourri of fall, which looks to complicated
for my skill set!
 This pumpkin topiary had the house numbers,
which was a cute idea!
And finally the mix of fall annuals.
I'm not sure what I'll decide,
but will keep you posted!
Hope this has provided a little urn inspiration for you :)
I'm joining:


  1. I adore your beautiful pumpkins in their exciting colors, wowl what a wonderful display, doesn't autumn bring the most beautiful smells and colors...love your photos..Phyllis

  2. I vote for the pumpkin topiary with the house numbers. Thumbs up on that one.

  3. Such beeutiful arrangements - and blog!

    Many thanks for stopping by!

  4. I second the vote on the pumpkin topiary with house numbers, but the OCDness in me wants them to be numbered 1-2-3. :)

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  6. -Great inspiration for fall. I tend to avoid pumpkins and go with florals. Thanks for the ideas. Cherry Kay

  7. Oh I adore all of the images. Sadly here in the Phoenix heat pumpkins last only a few days.

  8. I really like the numbered pumpkins!