Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Butterfly Migration Inspiration

Recently Mary at Home is Where the Boat Is 
posted about the butterfly migration
which inspired/reminded me of a set of plates and serving platter 
I had that was a 
colorful display of butterfly's. 
 Each plate has a navy band of accent
so I paired them with my Spode blue dinner plates.
 Vintage napkins are beautifully embroidered
and hem stitched with blue accent thread.
 Each plate in the set has a different 
background color, but the butterflies
are all the same.
 In addition I used these charming butterfly
cloches in the center of each plates.

Thank you Mary for inspiring me to 
put together this table!
I will share the buffet with the
serving platter & fall decor on the next post.
I'm joining:
Kathleen at Let's Dish:
Susan at Between Naps on the Porch:


  1. Such a lovely tablescape! My butterfly bush was visited by great numbers of swallowtails this summer. Just love your plates. You setting followed mine on Let's Dish. Pam

  2. What a beautiful table to honor the butterflies. Your plates are charming and perfectly paired with the Spode. Your pretty linens add the extra touch that gives this table 5 stars in my mind. Absolutely gorgeous!
    ~ Sarah

  3. The embroidered napkins look so dainty and delicate! I like how your plates are all a different color. So pretty!

  4. Jennifer, I'm all aflutter over your butterfly cloches and beautiful plates! Perfectly paired with your Spode and vintage embroidered napkins! I'd be happy to migrate and alight here for a meal :)

  5. Gorgeous tables! Love the butterfly napkins!

  6. So beautiful! I love butterflies. We still have them all over the yard...Christine

  7. Very, very beautiful...Those butterfly plates are lovely and look great with the plates.

  8. Such a romantic touch...Love the layering you did with the blue spode and your butterfly plates. They really pop.

    Have a great day!

  9. This is wonderful. I'm a life long fan of blue and white, and I love it with the tones of yellow and the coral roses...beautiful! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  10. Howdy from Kansas! Your table is really pretty. Think you've done a very nice job.

    Glad you came by my blog and commented about Mary Carol Garrity's Open House. I think you'll enjoy her beautiful mansion. Wear comfy shoes. Go a little early before the doors open.

    You can either park your car in the neighborhood and walk up to the porch and wait till the doors open. You'd be one of the first to enter the house. If you ride the bus from the store, the bus is ver comfortable and runs about ever 15 minutes. Makes for a very fun time. Also there a tent set up on her property that sells similar items that she is showcasing in her house.

    Nell Hills will be crowded the day of the open house. I have to go back and look when it's not a open house. Much to see and get wonderful ideas also beautiful things to purchase.

    Hope all goes well,

  11. What a beautiful collection of butterflies and butterfly plates. I love how the plates are each a different color. That makes for such a pretty, pretty table. How wonderful butterflies are. Your embroidery is fabulous!

  12. Gorgeous table! I love all the butterflies...and those napkins are so pretty. Thanks so much for dropping by!