Monday, June 21, 2010

Annapolis Architecture

Annapolis was filled with unique homes boasting colorful facades.

Homes of many different colors lined the streets of historic Annapolis.

Sprinkled in between were boutiques, book stores and restaurants.

All of the homes were built in the same time period,

but retained their unique personality thru color and decor.

Some had porches, others window boxes or planters.

All home exteriors were well maintained which provided a quaint and charming atmosphere.

I'm sure the many colors of houses provide a cheerful view

during the long blustery winter months of Maryland.

Many had nautical or sea theme door knockers such as anchors, turtles or this crab.Isn't he adorable?

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  1. looking at these pictures and I had to ques where it was I would have said Halifax (minus the Flags). The pics are beautiful.

  2. Hi,

    It reminds me a bit of Martha's Vineyard! It looks really beautiful with lots of atmosphere. I love historical towns. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks for the tour of homes. I love to see how others have done the outside of their house. These are all so pretty.

  4. Beautiful houses. Great scenery.

  5. LOVE the crab doorknocker....but the one that I REALLY like is the USMC flag flying proud. I'm a Marine Mom, so this just has to be the best. Oooorah.

    My Ruby Tuesday is "Skipping Rocks" - a sculpture. Come by to view if you have time today.


  6. I love those houses and my favorite is the second one. Thanks for sharing!

    RRT~Red Hollyhock