Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring Blooms Around the Yard

Today I'm joining White Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday to share some of my spring blooms.
Madison wants you to join us on this hot and sunny Kentucky day
to tour the yard and see what's blooming!

Last Mother's Day we spent the weekend landscaping our front and side yard and it has really begun to pay off.

We planted these gorgeous peonies.

And some digitalis. Yes, I realize these are really lavender, but the outside is white and I think they are to stunning to not share with you.

We are adding in some more perennials this year.

When we moved here there were two huge old Magnolia trees in the side yard. One has since died off but one remains.

I have been anxiously awaiting these blooms for a few weeks. They are high up towards the top of the tree so I'll never get to touch them, but they are great to admire from afar.

Also in the side yard next to my "I think it's a lilac" is this white tree/bush.

Any ideas on what you think it is? Thanks for coming by to visit!


  1. Is the tree maybe witch hazel?

    Love your doggie :)

    Tink *~*~*

  2. Loved the flowers and the cute dog Madison!

  3. What a gorgeous white peony! I have never been able to get foxglove to grow in my garden. Not sure what the mystery flower is but it's very pretty. Lovely garden!!

  4. Don't you just love the scent of the Magnolia...
    I love walking outdoors right now...the air is perfumed so
    Does your mystery flower have a scent?
    Could be tea olive? I'd have to ask my friend...she's very good
    at identifying..

  5. What unusual peonies! Nice to visit your garden.

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    I love foxglove, too. I've had great luck with them reseeding themselves and have been able to transplant the seedlings successfully - they seem a lot hardier and long lasting when they grow from seeds. Your garden is beautiful!


  7. I love the flowers, but your little Madison stole the show.

  8. Beautiful blooms!
    Happy outdoor.

  9. Oh your fur baby is adorable and your garden is lovely all in bloom. Sorry I can't help you out on what your last bush is :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. It is always wonderful to find things are greener and greener on the garden, and flowers are coming. Loves all white objects in your pictures, particularly the trumpet-like flower :-)

  11. Love the magnolias the best and for some reason our tree did not bloom much this year??? I had to go and pick one off my neighbors tree because I just love the smell.

  12. Thanks for all your comments:) The mystery flower has no scent, but the bees love it.

  13. Beautiful blossoms! And a cute West Highland White Terrier!