Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flower Bargain Hunting

There is a lovely little fruit market right next to my office park. Let's call it the fancy pants fruit market, because it's where all the rich and famous shop for their flowers, plants and various other gardening needs each spring. Don't get me wrong, they have fabulous plants, but I just can't afford to spend that much on plants (which with my talents will die before seasons end). So one day Mr. B and I were driving past the fancy pants fruit market and we saw a truck unloading flats of flowers. "Stop the car!" I scream, which Mr. B knows by now this means business. I see on the side of the truck "wholesale - open to the public".
Well, I scribble down the name and website of this discovery determined that it will be the mother lode of all my plant needs.

This weekend Mr. B and I embarked on a journey to the source of all delight, which was about one hour from our house. "Don't worry" I declare to Mr. B "we will save a ton on these plants and they will be soooo good :)"

Well, after a long drive in the rain, we make it to the nursery. Where, indeed there was a wide selection of wonderful plants.

But guess what? The prices are the same as the fancy pants store!! Mr. B was not happy. I was not happy.

We had driven two hours out of our way to pay prices 1/2 a block from our office. Well, I felt like I had to purchase something to justify the trip.

So I bought a few flats of begonias, a few marigolds and some sweet potato vine.

I left feeling as I often do during these expeditions, disappointed and tired.

On the bright side we did find fabulous ferns at Kroger's, which were $8 less per fern than at the nursery or the fancy pants store.

I will continue this weekend to shop for more plants, probably at the big box store, where you never know what kind of quality you will get.
I'm joining Outdoor Wednesday today.

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