Sunday, August 30, 2009

Living an Organized Life III

We start backwards with the clean cabinet.

Here it is emptied out and ready to be organized!

Yikes! There is stuff in here moved from our other house, that's not a good sign.

What lurks behind this cabinet?

Today I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday.

This is part 3 of living an organized life. As the days get longer (sunset at 8:10 last night) and the nights are cooler I think we all start to want to get back into our kitchens. I find it really hard to do a lot of baking in the summer time because we have a really small kitchen and it heats up quickly. I thought organizing the spice cabinet this week would be a good head start for the baking season. I've posted below the information from Martha Stewart's website regarding spices for your consideration along with the link to her checklist of spices. Thank goodness a lot of these spices now come with expiration dates, because often I can't remember when I purchased them!

Spice Rack
"Variety, we all know, is the spice of life, but it's also true that spices add incredible variety to your culinary endeavors. When it comes to seasoning with spices and dried herbs, follow your nose. You'll quickly develop a sense of how these flavorings complement each dish. Spices won't spoil, but they will lose potency over time, and in general, they're best if used within six months of purchase. They should be stored in a cool, dry place, and if you're unsure of a spice's freshness, take a sniff -- if there's no smell, toss it and restock."


  1. Wow! Look how much room you gained just in one cabinet!


  2. I LOVVVVVE, did i say love-- clean closets and cupboards.

    Stop by my blog if you have a minute... I would love to see you.

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  3. It is amazing what gets pushed to back and saved forever! I keep my spices in alphabetical order on a turntable and it really helps! Great job!

  4. When we moved in Oct we got rid of tons-some I would have liked to keep but we just didn't have room but it felt good to get rid of some things we had just held on to.
    I hope you will come by for a visit.
    Its So Very Cheri

  5. Enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing what you have shared for met monday.

  6. Nicely done. We also had things in our cabinets that were way past their prime and cleaned them out recently. It is a "good thing"