Sunday, August 9, 2009

Living an Organized Life Part I

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Peter Walsh, the organizational guru on Oprah, says the following on her website "Clutter is an obstacle. It impedes your ability to find things, use things, appreciate things and to leverage the space and materials you have to build a fruitful, rewarding life. " While I know that it is true, finding time to organize your life can be complicated. I do stuff, just like you do too I'm sure. I do work stuff, wife stuff, Mom stuff, hobby stuff, community stuff. While doing all this stuff, it becomes easy to let your household slide, after all we're not all hosting Colin Cowie parties everyday at our homes.

Since it is back to school this week I thought it was a good time to get started organizing. I have decided to take an area each week around my home and organize it. You will get to see the before and afters each Monday here. If all goes well I will have a fruitful and rewarding life in a month or two (okay I already have a fruitful and rewarding life, but I guess I will be more fruity, I mean fruitful and I think Mr. B will be happier).

Sorry the pics are so fuzzy and dark, the clouds kept coming in and out while I was shooting today. Yes, it is Monday and no I don't know why the first picture wants to be sideways, it is the same as the 2nd picture in my file folder. If you know why, please let me know too!
Part I is the shelves in our living room. We painted this room soon after we moved in this house about five years ago. My dream was to get all coral and cream furniture, new carpet, etc. Well, reality is five years later our furniture from the den is in there now and we don't have new carpet (which I guess is a good thing b/c Miss Madison is coming). I don't know about you, but we hardly ever use the living room. These shelves have been neglected for awhile and needed some organization.

I moved all the unrelated items off and organized the left side as all cream ceramics and the right side with some of my star of David collection. Yea, part I done.


  1. Hi, I totally agree about the clutter. Love the pink backdrop in the cabinet.


  2. I love the colors you used on the walls. And the pink interior shelves are so wonderful...LOVE IT!

  3. Love the look! I collect Star of David also.

  4. Pink and mint green... my favorite indoor colors. My whole house are those colors with splashes of baby blue and lavender.
    Love It.
    Happy MM
    Love Claudie