Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MacKenzie Madness

This weekend I saw that MacKenzie Childs was featured at Horchow and I wanted to share a few of their delightful pictures.
Canisters, which would be cute in the kitchen, but in the bath or home office too!
Jars for all of your favorite goodies.
Cake plates, my favorite is the green up front. How about you?

Finally dinnerware in two colors.  Which don't reveal themselves to me as MC right away because of the lack of the black and white checked grounding, but are lovely.
Pictures from
Finally the most exciting thing of my weekend, which otherwise consisted of schoolwork including a tax project and a paper about WiFi on airplanes, was this flatware find at Walgreens!
Trolling the aisles looking for practical matters such as dishwasher detergent and mascara,
I came upon the clearance aisle and spotted flatware for 50% off, which made them
$1.99 for a set of 12!  Yes it's the little things in life that make me a happy girl :)


  1. i love her stuff but she is incredibly expensive! i enjoyed my visit here to your blog!

  2. Gosh, such pretty things!!! I love the way they're displayed! I don't own any MC pieces, but I would love to. It all has such a happy yet sophisticated look. Those cake plates are FABULOUS!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on your flatware find!!! Great buy!


  3. Oh so beautiful ,colorful and stunning.I love to have them all.The green cake plate is adorable.Lovely share.Thank you dear...:):)

  4. I love the whimsy of her designs.

    Great flatware find!!!

  5. We have a fully stocked local MacKenzie-Childs store. It's always an adventure to go soak in her marvelous designs. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay