Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bee Breakfast on the Porch

I hope you will join me for a cool summer morning breakfast on the porch.
We have enjoyed this rod iron table for several years.
I like how you can see the chair cushions thru the table.
 I've been waiting for the perfect occasion to debut my "bee" Mother's Day gift(s).
This week we have been unusually cool here so I seized the opportunity
to setup this tablescape to share with you.
 The amber glasses were a gift from my husband, found
at a local antique store.  They match amber plates I already have almost perfectly.

 I was trying to stick to the rules of Kathleen's White Table challenge and use only one color.
I deemed black was not a color, so yellow was my designated color to go with white :)
 The honeycomb pattern on the rim of the plates and coffee mug is echoed 
in the bee pitcher.
 Beeutiful white roses arranged in bee glasses for the center of the table.
 And bee fruit bowls to match the clear bee juice glasses.
 It is a lot of bee theme going on here, but I think the understatement
of the patterns don't scream bee at you too much.
 I love the cream and sugar set with the silver tray and little baby bee on the top!
 Mary Lake Thompson bee tea cup napkins with yellow,
which pickup on the glasses and plates.

This is a nice shot overhead, where you can see the table, the chair detail and the porch floor.
I will post how we DIY the floor in an upcoming post.
I think it turned out really great and still looks great one year later.
So here's the scoop on the give away details:
For every comment and follow you will be entered into 
the chance to win the bee tote bag OR the bee towels below.
If you already follow me please let me know in your comment.
PLUS If you visit this page:
and comment a suggested store to visit in one of the cities listed 
you will get one more entry!
I'm really looking for cute shops to visit
in my Summer Southern Shopping Tour.
Stores that sell tabletop items we love
in addition to home decor and seasonal favorites.

Here is a close up of the Mary Lake Thompson flour sack set of 2 towels.
Here is a close up of the bee tote bag, which is made of canvas.
I'm not getting any kind of free products from Mary Lake Thompson,
I just bought these and wanted to share them with you as
a thank you for reading the blog and give me your store suggestions.
I'm joining:
Outdoor Wednesday
Let's Dish
Tablescape Thursday
Furniture Feature Friday


  1. Love those honeycomb pieces - they are wonderful. Your touches of amber and yellow are so pretty and look like summer! Your bee tote bag is adorable - I see a collection growing larger - lol!!

  2. Such a pretty those amber glasses & plates...definitely worth keeping for many many years....Great job :-)


  3. Oh, I love your pretty table and that darling tea cup tea towel has stolen my heart.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Well done! Love your sweet honeycomb dishes and Mary Lake Thompson tea towel. I envy your alfresco setting. It's too hot here this evening.

  5. I think the BEEs get it. From the plates to the glasses and to the napkins

  6. Your table is beeutiful and you hubby is a sweetie to find those perfect glasses! Your honeycomb theme is very well done!! I'm a new follower looking forward to more buzzing! Linda

  7. A beeutiful tablescape, dear one!
    I, too, love bee designs!!!
    The white honeycomb dinner plates are stunning.
    The creamer and sugar is one of the sweetest sets I've seen!
    Love Mary Lake Thompson. . .have several of her linen towels!!!
    Thank youfor sharing this Let There Be White Challenge with us!

  8. So, so pretty! Love those napkins.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. I love your patio table set. I also love your bee plates and table accessories....Christine

  10. I have to say first that I love the actual table itself. It's so pretty, and I would love one like that. The table setting is lovely too. My favorite part is the honeycomb design on the dishes. I loved how you let that inspire your table and the way it looks with the amber. Beautiful!

  11. This is lovely! Your new dishes are so pretty, and all your little sweet touches make it fun!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  12. Bee.u.t.ful wrought iron table! What a wonderful way to begin the day. I love all the honeycomb dishes.
    Have a great week...

  13. You are such the rebel with the third (not a) color I love it. Great to have you join the party and your table is simply.. bee.u.t.ful. Hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide

  14. Your bee napkins are my favorite part, those are adorable! I almost bought some similar honeycomb edged white plates from One Kings Lane and keep thinking about them, they are so great looking! I agree, black isn't a color, I think it's technically the absence of color, so you're good! Love your table on the black and white floor!

  15. love, love, love that table and chairs. I have been looking for one like that for years since it brings back wonderful memories of visiting my best friends house when we were children....your tablescape is lovely too...
    Love, Mona

  16. That's a honey of a tablescape. :) Love your porch setting and the honey comb dishes, bee flatware, and cute Mary Lake Thompson linens.

  17. I'm loving your bee themed table with all the fun touches. The Napoleon flatware has always been a favorite, but it's your darling napkins that really caught my eye! Great job on the floor, too.

  18. How pretty, Jennifer! I agree, I was always taught that black was the "absence" of color, so you were right on the money to add your yellow accent. The placemats are especially striking & boldly graphic, along with your wonderful floor.

    I have the same French Bee silverware & some La Roche glasses with bees on them, too.

    I'd like to steal those precious Mary Lake Thompson bee teacup napkins right off your table. I was not familiar with her until I googled to find more of them. She does some fantastic designs.

    Where have I been, to not know of her? Under a rock, perhaps?

    I would love to be entered into your give-away. Alas, I cannot suggest ANY stores to shop in those cities, although I've been to Louisville, Asheville, Charleston & Atlanta. We were golfing at the time!

    I hope you enjoy your upcoming shopping trip. It sounds like FUN!


  19. Love all of the honeycomb dishware. your table is delightful, and those napkins are perfection. laurie

  20. What a pretty table set for your porch!(I agree too...I like seeing the cushions "through" the table!) I love the simplicity of the white table and the texture of the dishes, flatware, and your "bee" items! The linens are perfect! I also love your looks great!Anxiously awaiting the tutorial!

  21. PS...I'm a new follower. Can't wait to see your next post!

  22. Such an inviting and luxurious setting for breakfast. Your beeware is beeutiful! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  23. Beautiful table with the honeycomb china, very pretty and so are the napkins. The white milk glass pieces are lovely, next to the pretty White roses in the centerpece. Thank you for the sweet and kind comments. Big hugs,

  24. This is my very first time visiting your blog and I absolutely love your table and the entire decor. You have fantastic ideas and it was so enjoyable seeing all the different posts. Love your porch and the floor as well. Thank you for sharing.