Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Lessons from the Store

I told ya'll I'd keep you posted as I learned this new retail world so here's some more things learned as we close out week 3 of the store being opened.
1) Time can be your enemy
Number one ~I never have enough time to get all the "business" things of running a new business done. This includes banking, paperwork, supplies, inventory orders.
Number two ~in the shop I have nothing but time, especially when we are slow. One would think there would be time to do number one above, however a slow trickle of shoppers means I can never "get involved" in a in depth project like setting up tax reports.
2) You think you know nothing and then you know you knew even less
This maybe self explanatory. I thought I knew nothing about retail and would have a lot to learn. Turns out there's a world of retail lingo out there I don't know & probably have only tapped into a tinsy bit of it so far.
3) If you want a friend get a dog
So I already pretty much knew this in the business world, but guess what, in the retail world it's true too~ some customers- I'm sorry they are down right rude :(
4) Happiness can be measured in baby steps
Some days I open the store and hope to get just one sale. Heck some days I open and hope to get one customer~although I've been lucky with foot traffic so far. Other days I've measured success for the day by completion of a display or an inventory order or even this blog post.
Still happy I've opened the store. Still understand it's really early in the game.
Still soooo grateful for all your support, friendship, comments and visits ;)


  1. Welcome to the world of retail!

  2. Hi Jennifer! Welcome to the club! The customer's do not get better :P, but the schedule gets easier :D. Oh, Shadow..our Norwegian Elkhound...goes to work with me everyday ;) Believe it or not , but he can be an attitude adjustor. He can tell if the persons attitude is rude..he grumbles...they become nicer. He's also an ice breaker with talking to a customer..more than 'can I help you'.