Monday, July 27, 2009

China Cabinet Re-do

After several months of looking around for the perfect china cabinet for the booth I finally found it while browsing online one day. I purchased it right away, begged Mr. Beeutiful to go and pick it up and bring it home. There it sat in our garage, taking up Mr. Beeutiful's parking spot for months. I had envisioned being one of those ladies that transforms furniture having been found tired and worn looking into wonderful pieces of fashionable enjoyment (kind of like rescuing a puppy without having to feed it). While more days went by and more of Mr. B's suggestions of going down to paint went unnoticed, I still had the vision of cabinet perfection. I finally got the motivation to go paint one very hot evening while Master Beeutiful was at 4-H camp. Mr. B so kindly offered to help me with the painting machine thingy. Well, one gallon of paint, one broken air paint spray thingy and veiled threats of divorce later, my vision of perfection (not really) was complete. The first picture is what we found online and the last pictures are the completed cabinet over at the booth space. Mr. B & I are still happily married (after almost 20 years of marriage it would take a lot more than paint to bring us down) but have agreed that furniture rescuing may not be my strong suit. The puppy however, is being picked up on August 22nd.


  1. The cabinet looks wonderful -- remember, it's not the journey, it's the destination that counts. You may have had a few issues with the rescue project, but now -- it's gorgeous.
    Well worth it!

  2. Your cabinet looks great!
    A puppy?
    Mine is a pee-wee destroyer!

  3. Love the cabinet !
    Looks great with your fall stuff !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  4. LOL Well, the cabinet turned out great! Awww, a puppy! Take pics of him...then we can see his metamorphosis over time! :-) Thanks for the cute story about the transformation. Happy Met Monday! Susan

  5. Your cabinet transformation turned out fabulous! It is a great find! Love the funny and sweet story about you and Mr B!

    Have a great week!


  6. Yip I am afraid that the story about you & Mr. B would be me & my Mr. B so I am kind of leary of getting started. For us it will be 32 years..
    oh well after that long we should be able to live through anything right...lols?

    I love the cabinet & I am such a fan of autumn I love all the goodies you show there.