Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ice Cream Floral Fun

Thanks for stopping by today!
This is our ice cream social week.
On Facebook & Instagram
we are sharing some ice cream idea
displays at the store,
plus recipes and party ideas
all this week.
 Today we're offering some
Pinterest inspired floral arrangements
for your ice cream social,
baby or bridal ice cream theme
or just a summer get together.
 I love that most of these use
compotes, cones (paper or real)
or old fashioned sherbet glasses
that you may already have or
could get a the dollar store.
 These would be easy to do with
grocery store bought
bouquets or flowers from the yard.
 Loving the addition of the straw!
 I also love the idea of
using paper that matches
your theme to make
cones for the "ice cream" flowers.
Hanging from the back of guest's chairs would be so cute!
 These last two pictures use real fruit
in combination with flowers,
strawberries above and cherries below
are a inexpensive way to incorporate a food element
into the arrangement.
I hope you enjoyed these floral ideas as much as I did!
Thanks again for stopping by~
make it a Beeutiful Day!

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