Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fiesta Ware Outlet Shopping

You may have noticed in a few of my recent tables
I used these turquoise Fiesta dinner plates
from the Homer Laughlin China Company.
 So today I thought I would share where I purchased
four place settings of these this Spring.
You can buy Fiesta ware a lot of places,
even Kohls carries it now I think, however,
official Fiesta Factory is in Newell, WV.
 It's a long drive from Louisville to Washington DC
about nine hours if we are blessed with light (ha!) traffic
as we approach the city.
My husband and I take this trip about once a month
as we have an office in Louisville and an office in DC.
Imagine my delight when I discovered about 1/2 way
thru the trip (at exit 67) is Newell, WV!
 We stopped by the outlet one trip home this Spring.
Located in a modest strip mall is a Fiesta Heaven!
 They sell first quality china in every color in the rainbow.

 But the real finds are in the back room 
where seconds and offs are marked down.
 Yummy piles of colorful dishes everywhere!

I love to support American made products.
Homer Laughlin was founded in 1871,
you can read more about their history here on their website. 
 And the history of Fiesta ware here.
 I hope these pictures have brightened your day!
 Do you have a Fiesta ware collection?
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  1. I love It ! I collect Fiesta ware too!

    1. Don't you love all the colors! Thanks for visiting!

  2. How lucky you are to HAVE to travel right by this place occasionally. I love back rooms of marked down merchandise, and this looks like a treasure trove. Your new turquoise is so pretty and such a current color. laurie

  3. Be still, my heart!! I'd STILL be shopping in this store if I had been on that trip with you!! Wish we had something like this here in CA!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  4. I-64 out of KY? I am thinking of a road trip from south central KY. Thanks for info on the outlet.

    1. It's on the way to Morgantown, by that time I think its HWY 79? There's driving directions on their site though -thanks for visiting!

  5. Replies
    1. I know ~I did not take very good pictures b/c I was so excited looking thru all those huge wood bins- thanks for visiting.

  6. I saw your link from BNOTP and had to come here and comment on your Homer Laughlin visit. I live about an hour and a half from Newell and love going down there to shop their seconds room. I use the dishes for everyday, and buy various colors since you can't usually find a lot of everything in just one color in seconds. Have you ever taken the tour? It's fun to do if you have time and very informative as to how they make the pottery.

    1. Barb -I will have to take the tour I bet that is so interesting! Thanks for visiting - Jennifer

  7. Funniest thing: This morning, just before I woke up, I was dreaming about buying Fiestaware. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near the outlet. :-(

    1. That is funny -it's for sale in a lot of places these days -It seems it used to just be in antique malls. Thanks for visiting!

  8. Wonderful! I've only recently started to appreciate Fiestaware and the huge variety of colors, they're a tablescapers best accessory. Is there anything more exciting than a 'backroom' filled with bins of marked down dishes?!?
    Thanks for the fieldtrip info!

  9. What a wonderful find! Lovely pics...

  10. What a fun place to stop! I'll bet you had a blast:@)

  11. I would LOVE to get to go there! I would love to have a variety of Fiesta ware to use on a regular basis!