Friday, August 16, 2013

White Summer & Winners!

I have been spending my late summer evenings with the White Rose family.
You know the War of the Roses-not
the Kathleen Turner movie, but the one
you studied in school between
the Tudors and the Lancasters?
 I have been a great fan of Ms. Philippa Gregory's work
since I first read The Other Boleyn Girl
and her newest gift is 
The White Princess
which chronicles Elizabeth of York and Henry of Lancaster's
marriage which united the two houses.
 I am also watching "The White Queen" on Starz,
which began last Saturday night.
This miniseries is the combination of three
of Gregory's books:
The White Queen
The Red Queen
The Kingmakers Daughter
If you enjoyed the movie "Elizabeth" or the 
series "The Tudors" I think you will enjoy this series.
My winners from the Bee Breakfast on the Porch are:
Tote bag for Kitty at
Flour Sack Towels for Christine at

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  1. I have been seeing that advertised, but I don't get that station.