Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gazebo Dreaming

As the weather warms, I dream of all the possibilities

for our property -do you? One of these would be

a gazebo. I dream of days dining al fresco in my gazebo.
Think of the tablescapes!

Or a smaller gazebo as a focal point in the yard.

Summer days lounging in the gazebo with iced tea . . .

Or reading a favorite novel . . .

The beautiful landscape surrounding me

The sound of waves in the background

(never mind that I live in KY)

In my beautiful summer white gown . . .

Okay maybe all the rain has made me delirious

but a gazebo would be a wonderful addition

and the beginning of the season

always holds infinite inspiration.

I'm joining Outdoor Wednesday.


  1. I so love the look of a gazebo. I'll be dreaming with you...I feel lucky that I just purchased some pavers to put under my garden benches. Waiting for the rain to stop, I'm also from KY!

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment you left me. I appreciate everyones support. Sometimes I think all we need is a little encouragement.
    BTW, I definately want one of those gazebos!!!
    Hugs to you