Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Weekend

Fall in love with these photos as we enter into a great fall weekend!
This is from MSL site, love these roses!

What a great idea for a buffet, salad in a jar, using nuts and apples esp. in the fall would be wonderful. (image from google)

Carmel apples- lovely - I had a great idea just now, what about cutting out those Carmel "sheets" into leaf shapes for the bottom of your cake plate, kind of like leaf doilies -that would be so cute! (image from country living)

I love this container, the plaid just says fall doesn't it? (image from google)

This weekend, the weather forecast for our part of the world is going to be great. Cool and sunny, which is perfect fall weather! I even think I see a few leaves starting to change. Happy Weekend!


  1. Beautiful images and great ideas! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Hope your week goes well!


  2. Beautiful photos - so inspiring!

    - The Tablescaper