Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Are you enjoying the late summer 
as much as I am?  The days are definitely
getting shorter as we move towards fall!
 This table is a perfect casual setup for 
a sunflower theme bridal or baby shower
or luncheon for a special someone.
 I mixed vintage with new in a 
neutral brown color combination
with a few pops of yellow and coral.
 Vintage brown dripware hull pottery
dinner plates, teacups and servings pieces
along with vintage amber glasses 
went perfectly with the sunflower linen and paper
 I thought the coral hydrangea made a nice
nod to summer without being too loud.
 This little sugar pot has lost its creamer mate,
but he was to cute not to put out on a saucer.
 My Great Aunt always entertained with both
linen and paper napkins on the table.
She said the linen was for "show" and the
the paper was for lipstick & bbq!  
I have adopted her idea as well.
 The bronzed sunflower napkin rings
match the dinner plate,
which has a flower pattern around the border.
And the brown check paper table runner
makes a perfect base layer.
 I have two sets of bamboo flatware
light and dark brown.  Since it's still
summer I decided to use the light brown.
You can find the dark version still 
online at 
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