Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Christmas Tea Towels Make Great Gifts!

This season we have a great collection of tea towels available at the shop!
 I'm offering a few gift ideas & all these are under $15 each!

Top 5 Reasons Tea Towels Make Great Gift Ideas:

 Makes a great teacher, day care provider, bus driver, manicurist, mail carrier gift. Add with a set of paper plates and napkins or your favorite candle scent.

 Easy to ship without worry of breakage or expensive shipping costs

 Keep a few on hand in your gift closet* for a quick surprise visitor or to take for a hostess gift.

 Buy multiples for gifts for your book club, Bible study group or other monthly meetings or club friends

 Makes a great gift idea for someone you do not know very well such as a coworker gifts draw, in law family member or new neighbor.

*A gift closet is an area of your home whether it’s a closet, drawer or small tub that you collect inexpensive gift ideas for unexpected birthday and holiday gifts. These can be both seasonal and gender specific items.

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