Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mee Maw's Ice Cream Social

Thanks for stopping by!
Today I'm sharing the setup I prepared
for my annual Camp Mee Maw,
which is one week in the summer
that my husband and I take off work
to spend with our grandsons.
This year I thought we'd host an ice cream social.
The boys went to the grocery with"'Pops"
my husband and picked out
ice cream, whip cream, toppings etc.
for their ice cream treats.
 I used paper cups and napkins
to keep clean up easy so
 we could move onto more fun things!
I just love these spoons that say "pour more"
for the fudge cup
and "top it off" for the toppings tray.
 To keep the table somewhat
sticky free I used
these ice cream paper placemats.
I hope it made it a special memory.

What kinds of special treats are you
indulging in this summer?

Make it a beeutiful day!

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