Sunday, August 17, 2014

Floral Journey

As I mentioned in last week's post
the icing on the cake of my table last week
was the centerpiece arranged
 Earlier this summer I purchased a copy of 
and in addition read one of my favorite
weekly blog authors, Ms. Hoffman DePiano's
on an arrangement she had prepared.
 I have always wanted to do my own flower arranging.
Feeling inspired as I often do after 
reading many of my favorite blog authors,
I was determined to create the centerpiece for this table.
I had the depression glass compote selected,
purchased roses and floral foam
and embarked on my creation last Sunday.
Typically my centerpiece style is dump and fluff
or select a non floral item such as a decorative piece.
I even posted some ideas for this style
in my post Dump and Fluff in 2010.
 Pick and vase and buy some flowers or
 select items like pumpkins
 and roosters
 sunflowers or roses to hilite the theme of the table.
Even though I was armed with inspiration, flowers and tools
it became a big hot mess!
I can only share my creation with you, my friends,
as I know we support one another in a non-threatening creative
environment ;)
Needless to say I have learned to leave the arrangements
to the professionals until I can spend some time
in floral classes (which Oberer's offers)
after I complete my CPA certification exams.
This should make my local florist happy
and shield you (and myself) from future 
hideous attempts similar to the arrangement above!
What new hobbies or interest are 
you trying out this fall?

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  1. Why I think you are way too hard on yourself, I thought
    most all of your floral looked really good myself, Really you just have to keep buying those flowers and practice,
    cause practice makes
    Blessings, and thanks for sharing your lovelies....

  2. Thanks Nellie -that is so sweet! I am going to practice after all that means I get to buy more flowers!

  3. I agree with Nellie's comment, you are definitely too hard on yourself. Your arrangements are beautiful. They look so elegant mixed in with your china.

  4. At Sweetwater, the motto is JUST DO IT! and DON'T WAIT FOR PERFECT! Your arrangement is lovely, ENJOY!

  5. The sunflower arrangement is my favorite, but I'm a sucker for bright sunny flowers. Gorgeous job all around!

  6. Really pretty arrangements! I love the pink ranunculus in the blue and white vase, and the sunflowers are gorgeous in that transparent green vase. Very nice!

  7. I say just gorgeous, simple and true.