Monday, June 8, 2009

Entry Way

Today I'm posting about the importance of your entry way. Whether you have a formal entry hallway or just a small space as you enter the front door, I think it's important to create a small vignette of your personality to greet guest for sure, but also the most important people in your life, you and your family. The photo above is what I have in my hallway right now. Take some time to setup a small display, whether it is a piece of seasonal decor or a vase of grocery store flowers you will be glad each time you come home!


  1. What a pretty entryway you have. I am a lover of blue and white as well. Enjoyed visiting.
    Come see me,


  2. Congratulations girlfriend!!You did just great! I've be in the blogging arena only a few months myself but enjoying every minute! I'm right with you on the importance of a great entryway, keep up the good work and if I can help at all just yell, xoxo~Kathy@

  3. Lovely pieces for your entry!

    Since I love my entry, and consider it a 'done deal', you have inspired me to try to do something magical with my back entry which is attached to the laundry room. Most of my guests end up using it instead of the front (boohoo!)because it leads to the pool!


  4. Beautiful Entry, hugs and blessings, Barbara