Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beeutiful Background

So on day two of posting I thought I'd give a little background on the name of my blog and business. Beeutiful by Design is not a typo, which it may seem at first, but rather the incorporation of my logo, the queen bee, into by company name. You may know the myth that it is mathmateically impossible for the bee to fly. Whether this is true or not, I like the story that they do fly even though all the odds are against them. Being a mathmatics major in college and one that likes it when the odds are against her, I selected the bee as my logo.
My business began in 2007 from my vision to sell entertaining items such as plates, napkins, place cards, napkin rings, hostess gifts and serving pieces in themes so that the hard work of running around designing your party table was already taken care of for you. I think it is important to celebrate the blessings of family and friends, however I think too often we put that aside because we are too busy.
In addition to the entertaining items, I also sell unique gift wrap, gift cards and stationery items. I strive to have the items in stock that will enable you to fulfill your social obligations, whether it is that late thank you note or the invitations you need for the baby shower you are hosting.
Future posts will show many of the items for sale, along with suggestions on their use. In addition, I hope to post on other items of interest such as garden and home tours, shops I visit on my travels and local events.

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  1. Hello! So glad I found you...I'll be coming along for the ride. Can't wait to see more!

    I am a collector of blue and white your pics!

    Anxious to see more. Stop over at my place sometime!
    Bless you,