Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Red Treasure

This is a photo of the area that divides our tv room and kitchen. When we first moved to this house I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to display here as the shelves are rather narrow, but the longer we are here the more it's becoming a nook of history.

The vase on the top shelf is from my mother and father in law which was purchased on a recent trip to China. The vase on the bottom shelf is from Japan purchased during my Uncle's trip there during his tour while in the Navy. The wooden clock was my maternal Grandmothers and the anniversary clock was a gift from my sister.

My newest addition is this water carafe from my Aunt Helen. Here's a description from her email below.

"It is an antique water carafe that is not often seen anymore in antique shops. In their day, they were used to place water on a bedside table for a guest to have water at night or for a sick family member for use as a water supply or for use in taking medications. This one is a rather "dressed up" one and I hope you enjoy it. I am not sure of the date it was made, but it has been in my possession for 33 years and it was an antique when I bought it at a little antique shop in Washington, Kentucky, close to Mayesville in the same area as the ladies desk I gave your Dad.

By way of information, Washington and Mayesville were the earliest settlements in that area of Kentucky, located on a trail that led from the Ohio River into the Blue Licks country. Early settlers disembarked there from river boats on which they had come down the Ohio from Pittsburg and points east to settle in Kentucky.

Where your carafe fits into the date line of antiquity I have no idea, but you might find it in one of the books on antique glassware. "
I can never out describe my Aunt Helen. She is a treasure trove of history and a gem. I am sure if born 50 years later, she would be a blogger too.
Today I'm joining Ruby Tuesday and Tabletop Tuesday. Please take a look at the other great posts there too!


  1. I love the water pitcher and have heard it called a "tumble up" set? Yours seems to be etched beautifully and I love the cranberry color. Very nice ~ Judi

  2. Oh my gush I see beautiful pieces there. Makes my eyes popped out, ^_^

    RT~What a deal

  3. Beautiful red carafe pics !

  4. Pretty carafe! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  5. So much wonderful eye candy. Love your decanter, it is just gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, marty

  6. Such a great display. It's fun to collect special things and display them to see all the time.