Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Italian Inspiration

While not quite yet autumn, late July always leads me to golden colors. As I staged out the tablescape I was setting up for the booth last weekend, I noticed all the colors and textures reminded me of a Italian feel. Mind you I've never been so lucky to actually have traveled to Italy, I think we all have a general idea (day dream) of what that would look like in our minds. The pictures above also drew some inspiration to the imagination. Let these help you with your day dream of Italian mid-summer days!
(all images from google image)


  1. I haven't had the opportunity yet to go to Italy either, but that's one of the places I most want to go. Beautiful all those gorgeous plates! Susan

  2. Oh, do you have any pics of the could link them to today's Tablescape Thursday! :-)

  3. Loved the Italian plate (or platter) display. Italians use so many large plates or platters for plating food. I was not sure which these were. Nevertheless, they are beautiful!